"It's great to work for a dynamic company that has increased it's profits year after year" Steve, Manufacturing Joined Weston Foods Canada in 1986

About Us

We are a proud Canadian company, operating for over 125 years. We have operations in four regions of
Canada: Western Canada, Ontario, Quebec and the Atlantic.


  • 1882
    George Weston laid the
    foundation for Weston

    The bakeries were built by the
    expertise, ingenuity, honest
    values, and ceaseless efforts
    of hundreds of men and

  • 1897
    George Weston built a state of the art Model Bakery in Toronto.

    Whether as plant workers, sales people or corporate executives, the hard work of these men and women turned George’s Toronto bakery into a national manufacturer of bread, biscuits and confectionaries.

  • 1928
    George’s son Garfield
    Weston incorporated
    George Weston Limited
    under the Dominion charter
    and soon sold shares in
    the family’s bread and
    biscuit company on the
    Toronto Stock Exchange.

  • 1970
    The bread and biscuit company
    proved to be the leader in its
    industry and reorganized into two
    separate divisions. This formed a
    new subsidiary company of George
    Weston Limited known as Weston

  • 1985
    After years of growth and
    change, including the sale of
    the biscuit and confectionary
    division, Weston Foods
    announced the addition of
    the frozen bakery division,
    Ready Bake.

  • 1988
    Weston Bakeries was the
    official bread supplier to the
    1988 Olympic Winter Games in
    Calgary building on its Olympic
    history as the official bread
    supplier to the 1976 Olympic
    Summer Games in Montreal.

  • 2007
    Weston Bakeries had a
    national celebration to
    commemorate its 125th
    year of operation.

  • 2010
    Weston Bakeries was the official bakery supplier to the Vancouver 2010 Olympic and Paralympic Winter Games.

1882 1897 1928 1970 1985 1988 2007 2010




Our Manufacturing Team takes pride in producing quality products while ensuring a safe and challenging work environment for employees. Management facilitates strong teamwork and communication in all aspects and levels of operations. We are constantly seeking professionals with backgrounds in engineering, technical services, production, food science, maintenance, quality assurance, sanitation and corporate compliance. Manufacturing is our business and we rely on our talented and experienced team to strategically and effectively streamline and improve processes.

Supply Chain


Our Supply Chain Team ensures efficient, cost-effective and reliable logistical operations for internal and third party groups. The team offers opportunities in various functions such as supply & demand planning, transportation, distribution, purchasing and customer service. We search for professionals who understand how Supply Chain drives competitive advantage in our industry, and how to forecast and proactively plan for changes in market and economic conditions.



Our Sales Team is comprised of result-oriented professionals and knowledgeable business leaders. There are growth opportunities and career options in all aspects of the division such as field sales, category management, and business development. Our Sales leaders have an integral role in building the skill and talent base of this team. Together they have contributed greatly to the Company’s growth by understanding the importance of relationship building, customer relations and strategic business planning.

Human Resources


Our Human Resources Management Team is dedicated to supporting our divisional teams by attracting and retaining talented, engaged and committed employees. The Human Resources Division is an important Business Partner with areas of specialization in Labour Relations, Health & Safety, Talent Acquisition, Organizational Development and Employee Relations.



Our award winning Marketing Team continually faces challenges to develop brand strategies and innovative marketing campaigns. Expertise and collaboration in all aspects of brand management and research & development is essential for success in this division. The team’s most recent product launches include Wonder+ Simply Free and Country Harvest Pitas.

Finance and Accounting


Our Finance and Accounting Team has contributed to the continued growth and profitability of the Company by maintaining a broad overview of our business processes and making the best strategic decisions. There are opportunities to work in such areas as planning & analysis, payroll & benefits, operations accounting, accounts receivable & payable, compliance and file maintenance.

Information Technology


Our Information Technology Services Team is a dynamic group of experts who are dedicated to providing efficient and quality service across divisions. Projects offer rewarding and challenging opportunities to develop skills and knowledge and contribute significantly to technological change. The division is comprised of experienced and entry level professionals in areas of business systems, infrastructure, development and operations.